Every Day, All The Best Clips From Last Night's Shows


You have a job. You can’t stay up and watch every late night show. So, I will stay up and watch them all for you…

Every day I will post the funniest bits from all the funny late night shows. If it happened last night, I’ll post it here every morning for your viewing pleasure.

I love comedy. I love comedians. Every time a decent comedian is doing something funny on video, I hope to be able to find it and post it here for you.

Mostly, I’ll stick to comedians and genuinely funny people. This means I probably won’t post that clip of Paris Hilton on Letterman last night. However, if Dave does something funny with Paris, then I reserve the right to change my mind. For example, I might not have posted a Drew Barrymore appearance. But once Drew Barrymore flashed Dave, I would likely have tried to post that clip. And I’ll always post clips of Tracey Morgan. On anything. Even if Tracey shows up on Charlie Rose. Hell! ESPECIALLY if Tracey shows up on Charlie Rose!


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