The Onion’s AVClub has a bevy of great comedic interviews this month.

First up is national treasure, 9/11 “too soon” legend and Stern Show hero Gilbert Gottfried.

Is he ever tempted to do his act in his real, non-parrot voice?

Gilbert Gottfried: Oh, no. Um, I don’t know. Off-camera, I sound like Perry Como.

Second up, we have Colin Quinn, fresh off the success of his Jerry Seinfeld produced one-man off-Broadway show, Long Story Short.

AVC: What was Seinfeld’s involvement as your director?

CQ: Seinfeld’s involvement was… [Makes “money” gesture and laughs.] He produced it, directed it, put up the money as far as all the maps and all the stuff. He came to the rehearsals and helped me cut some stuff. He was a lot more involved than even I expected him to be. We did hardcore rewrites and editing. He was here a lot. I figured he would just put his name on it and come to a couple of rehearsals, but he was getting onstage and really directing.

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