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Oct 4,2010

Not sure who is responsible for this, but it fits perfectly.

Some people have no respect for a hard working man.


Aug 12,2010

After appearing in comics since 1976, Cathy will sadly be hanging it up.

“Cathy” creator Cathy Guisewite is hanging up the acks after 34 years of trying to bring The Real Life Of A (Neurotic) Single Lady (Who Is Surrounded By Horrible People) to the funny pages. Guisewite, whose last “Cathy” strip will appear in newspapers on Oct. 3, cites the ticking of her “creative biological clock” (yes, she really said this) as part of the reason for her decision to move on, and Guisewite did show a bit of growth in recent years with jokes about digital bloat, and not just the kind you have after eating too many bon bons.

If you were still reading the comic, you’d know that Cathy finally did hook up with her longtime flame, Irving, in 2005.

My favorite is the commenter who says:

The question remains: Which American humorist will step forward to capture the intense experience of buying a bikini while simultaneously eating an entire chocolate cake?

Aug 4,2010

Looney Tunes

If you haven’t heard, the Looney Tunes are finally getting a reboot, coming to Cartoon Network this fall.

They’re also returning to theaters as animated CGI shorts. We have a preview of a Coyote/Road-Runner short that is going to be shown before screenings of Cats and Dogs 2, which opens July 30th.

What do you think? Do the Toons (Tunes?) suffer from the CGI treatment?

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