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Aug 27,2010

Want to read a great, lengthy article about how, as the legend of Bill Murray has grown over the years, Bill has only become more eccentric, more reclusive and more of a modern day (but funny) JD Salinger?

Then pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Choice excerpt:

When Chase, who’d left the show at the first opportunity for movie stardom, returned to guest-host, he and Murray engaged in a now-infamous backstage dustup. ”It was a huge argument,” Animal House director John Landis told Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller in their SNL history, Live From New York. ”And the thing I remember about Bill Murray — I don’t know Bill Murray, but he’s screaming, you know, foaming at the mouth, ‘F—ing Chevy,’ and in anger he says, ‘Medium talent!’ And I thought, ‘Ooh, boy, that’s funny. In anger, he says, ”medium talent.” ‘ That really impressed me. I went, ‘So Bill Murray — wow, who is that guy?”

Or click through to the article itself, here.

Aug 25,2010

Click the link below for the full infographic.

Thank you, Funny Or Die.

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