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Aug 23,2010

Well, the re-run holocaust that began last week continues this week. Really, the only shows that aren’t on vacation this week (and next week, for that matter) are The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and The Late Show With David Letterman, Lopez Tonight and Chelsea Lately.

Those are the only shows NOT in rerun this week.

Not a lot of comedians on Letterman, mostly Hollywood types… (Drew Barrymore, Brian Williams, Anne Heche, Katy Perry).

But there is one Daily Show appearance I can recommend, and one show is doing basically a comedian rerun week, so check out the lineup after the jump…


Aug 9,2010

Most of you know him as Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

But did you also know JB Smoove was an SNL writer? I did not.

I further did not know he was also the NBC Peacock for a time.

Video after the jump…


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