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Sep 28,2010

Apparently, the Island sent Jin back in time and had him appear on a Seinfeld episode. Or forward in time. I don’t know. Maybe Seinfeld was just a manifestation of the sideways world.

Anyway, Kim apparently guested on a Seinfeld episode in 1998. I can’t find it anywhere on the YouTubes. If you find it, please post the link in the comments.

Kim describes Seinfeld on the set after the jump…


Sep 2,2010

The Onion’s AVClub has a bevy of great comedic interviews this month.

First up is national treasure, 9/11 “too soon” legend and Stern Show hero Gilbert Gottfried.

Is he ever tempted to do his act in his real, non-parrot voice?

Gilbert Gottfried: Oh, no. Um, I don’t know. Off-camera, I sound like Perry Como.

Second up, we have Colin Quinn, fresh off the success of his Jerry Seinfeld produced one-man off-Broadway show, Long Story Short.


Aug 26,2010

In case you didn’t know, the Emmys are this Sunday, and Jimmy Fallon is the host.

To promote said award show, Fallon went on America’s Got Talent. And he performed… not his own standup… but impressions of every standup under the sun.

In order, Fallon channeled: Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Norm MacDonald, Gilbert Gottfried, Pee-wee Herman, Jeff Foxworthy, Eddie Murphy, Larry the Cable Guy, Steven Wright and Adam Sandler.

This is truly a tour de force performance, not just because the impressions are quality in terms of voice and mannerisms, but because Fallon did jokes in the style of each comedian that were spot on (for example, his Stephen Wright joke).

Please watch the video below. Jimmy’s got talent…


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