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Sep 29,2010

When I first found this video, I thought, gee, this must be from when Letterman was on Late Night. But no, it’s from The Late Show. The Late Show is approaching 20 years on the air. Aren’t we all old? Look at how young both Dave and Louis look!

Hell, you can see this was recorded on a VHS tape. Who do you know that still has a VCR? We are friggin, freakin old, my friends.


Sep 7,2010

Last friday night, Louis CK was on Leno to discuss making out with his dog.

Oh, and his excellent show Louis. And his upcoming standup special.

BTW, on the flight out to LA to do the Tonight Show, Louis got drunk and went on an epic twitter rant, including some choice words for Sarah Palin. Of course, Jay brought none of this up, despite the fact that Louis was on the same show as Bristol Palin.

Video after the jump.


Aug 30,2010

Once again, about half the late night and talk shows are on vacation this week. Almost everyone should be back after the Monday holiday.

And in the meantime, this week doesn’t find too many comedians in the lineup of our usual shows. I’ll still be posting video clips daily of the funny stuff that happens, but for my weekly rundown of what you should TiVo, we have slim pickins.


Aug 4,2010

The lineup for the annual New York Comedy Festival has been announced.

Breakout comedian of the year, Joel McHale, is being touted as the head-headliner.

Other names that will be appearing during the five day festival (November 3-7, 2010) include Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., Margaret Cho, Gabriel Iglesias, Nick Swardson, Brian Regan, Adam Carolla and Rosie O’Donnell(!!!).

It’s nice to see the comic community recognizing Carolla. No one’s done more to promote comedians in general in the last couple of years. And his pioneering podcast has shown dozens of comedians another promotional channel they can exploit.

And I don’t know if Rosie O’Donnell has done much standup of late, but it will be interesting to see what her material is like after all these years of mega-stardom.

Tickets go on sale Monday, August 9 through the New York Comedy Festival website.

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