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The Michael Cera School of Acting

Sep 17,2010

Do not look me directly in the eye!

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Aug 27,2010

The above is the high water mark of the current “Prancing Cera” crazy. Below is the original image that started it all.

What is the Prancing Cera internet meme all about? Find out here.

There are some excellent examples of the genre here.

Aug 15,2010

The world won, it seems.

In a weekend where The Expendables won the box office by attracting all the young dudes, and Eat Pray Love attracted all the ladies, Scott Pilgrim came in only fifth at the weekend box office, bringing in $10.5M in ticket sales.

Not a solid opening, despite decent reviews.

On the plus side, The Other Guys held on to the number 3 spot, making $18M in its second weekend. Should be good enough for a $100M domestic gross.

Aug 12,2010

Neither Micheal nor Jimmy are very good at charades. Although, the clues are a bit difficult.

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Aug 11,2010

Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman and Matt Zaller are talking about… nothing much in particular.

Suddenly Zach Galifianakis does a drunken Judy Garland. For no good reason.

Then he’s autotuned. For no good reason.

He’s not even in Scott Pilgrim.

See for yourself…


Aug 10,2010

The boys might need to get better publicists.

Reduced to promoting Scott Pilgrim Versus the World on the local Atlanta news?

Watch out for that bus, Michael Cera!

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Aug 9,2010

Image Credit: NYTimes

After last week’s Will Ferrell-athon, this week is comparatively slow in the world of comedians on talk shows. Letterman is even in reruns all week, and both the Daily Show and Colbert Report are reruns Monday night.

But there are still a few interesting things for you to TIVO.

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Aug 4,2010

… and lives to tell David Letterman about it.

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Aug 2,2010

Will Farrell on Late Night With David Letterman

This week is Will Ferrell Week across the talk show universe. Ferrell is promoting The Other Guys, a new film that also stars Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne (The Rock?) Johnson. The movie opens this Friday.

Ferrell will be on Letterman tonight (Monday), The Daily Show on Tuesday, Live With Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and Lopez Tonight on Thursday. So you can get your Ferrell fix pretty much every day this week.

Also of note this week: (more…)

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