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Aug 16,2010

Prepare to be skeptical.
There’s a new romantic comedy coming our way. It’s called How Do You Know. It stars Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson in a love triangle.
Ok, you might say.

  1. I’ve seen that movie before.
  2. Sure, Paul Rudd is funny with he’s in a Judd Apatow movie, but not when he’s paired with Jennifer Aniston or some such person.
  3. Owen Wilson in a Wes Anderson movie? I’m there! But paired with a Jennifer Aniston-type…
  4. Reese Witherspoon = funny? Sure, there was Election, but…

Ok. I hear all that.
But the movie is written and directed by James L. Brooks. And he can be brilliant (As Good As It Gets, Terms of Endearment). Every decade or so he can produce a comic masterpiece (Broadcast News). And even when he makes a pedestrian movie (Spanglish) it’s still smartly written with some solid laughs. This is one of the guys behind The Simpsons, after all.
So, let’s be cautiously optimistic about this one. Coming in December

Aug 3,2010

Paul Rudd Bat Mitzvah DJ

It must be “embarrassing video from the past” week. Yesterday was Tina Fey, and today is Paul Rudd.

I actually heard about this video when Rudd was on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. It turns out that slightly before becoming famous (in Clueless?) in the early 90s, Rudd was a bat and bar mitzvah DJ. (more…)

Aug 2,2010
Dinner For Schmucks

Dinner For Schmucks

Last weekend at the box office, the big comedy was the Steve Carell, Paul Rudd (directed by Austin Powers and Meet the Fockers director Jay Roach) vehicle Dinner For Schmucks.

Schmucks brought in $23.3 million dollars over the weekend, enough for a 2nd place box office finish behind Inception.

The general assessment of the Schmucks performance is okayish. Critics were only lukewarm on the movie, and while this opening points to the movie making money, Schmucks is not expected to do Hangover-type numbers over time.

BoxOfficeMojo suggests that the film might do Funny People-type business:

Dinner for Schmucks served up an estimated $23.3 million on approximately 3,400 screens at 2,911 locations, which was about the same amount as Funny People made on the same weekend last year. The opening was also a step up from I Love You, Man, Role Models and Get Him to the Greek, and it marked a personal best for Paul Rudd in a lead role, though Steve Carell has seen bigger starts.


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