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Aug 31,2010

Comedy Central Roast standout Whitney Cummings was on the Tonight Show last night. This was a very PG rated Whitney, but her set was still good.

Video after the jump…


Aug 30,2010

Once again, about half the late night and talk shows are on vacation this week. Almost everyone should be back after the Monday holiday.

And in the meantime, this week doesn’t find too many comedians in the lineup of our usual shows. I’ll still be posting video clips daily of the funny stuff that happens, but for my weekly rundown of what you should TiVo, we have slim pickins.


Aug 23,2010

Recent breakout star of the Hasselhoff Roast, genuinely hot comedienne and very funny standup Whitney Cummings had her one hour standup special on Comedy Central this past Saturday night.

Missed it? TiVo search “Money Shot” for reruns, and click through after the jump for four of the best bits from the special:

Videos after the jump:


Aug 16,2010
The Roast of David Hasselhoff Sunday 10pm / 9c
Seth MacFarlane – Baywatch Memories
Roast of David Hasselhoff It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up Comedy

The big Comedy Central Roast was last night. Many were hassled. Including the Hoff. You can see Seth MacFarlane doing his roastmaster duties above.

I’m gonna post all the highlights I can find. I’m sure Comedy Central will be re-running the roast ad infinitum, so turn on your TV anytime in the next month and I’m sure you’ll catch it.

After the jump, Whitney Cummings, Lisa Lampanelli, Jeff Ross, Greg Giraldo and Gilbert Gottfried.



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