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Oct 5,2010

Will Arnett is away from his kids a lot, so he’s a heavy user of the iChat/Skype. In addition to giving himself an intro, he likes to do a little dance to keep everyone entertained.

Oct 1,2010

Not MISS America.

So, in case you don’t know, David Cross’ British TV Series, The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret premieres tonight at 10pm on IFC. Will Arnett costars. Definitely worth a watch.

Did you know there are Tobias Halloween costumes out there?

I have all 3 segments of this interview below:


Sep 20,2010

Bet you didn’t know Jimmy Fallon had a 1 hole golf course in his studio.

Video after the jump…


Sep 15,2010

Will Arnett stopped by Live With Regis and Kelly to talk about his new show, Running Wilde.

It gets interesting around the 3:30 mark when Regis interviews Will mano-y-mano. He asks for the story of how Will met his wife, Amy Poehler.

Video after the jump.


Sep 3,2010

Now I know why Will Arnett was a presenter with Keri Russell debuting on Fox, called “Running Wilde.”

It’s a comedy, it co-stars Russell, it debuts on Sept. 21, and the producer is, Mitch Hurwitz of Arrested Development fame.

The WSJ describes it thusly:


Aug 30,2010

Once again, about half the late night and talk shows are on vacation this week. Almost everyone should be back after the Monday holiday.

And in the meantime, this week doesn’t find too many comedians in the lineup of our usual shows. I’ll still be posting video clips daily of the funny stuff that happens, but for my weekly rundown of what you should TiVo, we have slim pickins.


Aug 5,2010

In invasion of “viral ads” continues. This time Bateman is a stripper. No Will Arnett this time, tho.

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