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Oct 13,2010

Holy crap this one is funny! Which is his favorite kid! Grumpy old men! What you talkin about, Willis!

Happy New Between Two Ferns Day!


Sep 30,2010

These are Guys Against You Serving, and they are proud.


Sep 29,2010

Every year I hope and pray for New Jack Swing era hip-hop to make an ironic or even non-ironic comeback. Like New Wave did a decade ago. Or garage rock did at the beginning of the 2000s. And every year I am disappointed.

Maybe I just needed a little assist from Wayne Brady. Here we have a shot for shot remake of the Every Little Step video by Bobby Brown. WITH Bobby Brown in fact.

Oddly enough, I get why Mike Tyson is in this video, but how did Wayne get Bobby Brown to do this?


Danny DeVito In Ghandi 2

Sep 17,2010

Let’s go Inside The Actor’s Workshop with Danny DeVito. He’ll discuss his “process” for getting into the role he inhabits on Ghandi 2.

Interesting bit of trivia: this was directed by David Mamet. Yes. That David Mamet. I wonder if anyone has ever asked David Mamet what his favorite curse word is? He’d have about a thousand.

Always be closing. Will you go to lunch? Third place is you’re fired.

Somebody stop me. I could do Glengarry Glen Ross lines all day…


Sep 16,2010

I mean, Fred Julliard (no relation). He wants to welcome you to a campus he seldom visits himself.

Video after the jump…


Sep 1,2010

It is absolutely a Red Letter Day!! New iPods? Nope.

A new Between Two Ferns has hit the internet! It’s got Sean Penn! It’s got Zach Galifianakis Seth Galifianakis interviewing the actor/activist!

Also… SpeedStick!

Video after the jump…


Aug 10,2010

He didn’t really make this viral ad for Starbucks. He just mimed making a viral ad for Starbucks.

There’s a difference.

And this is an equal opportunity blog. And c’mon! Its 2005 already!

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