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Kristen Schaal’s Porn Name

Dec 22,2010

Kristen has a new method for choosing your porn nickname. Might come in handy if you were born on a street with a bad name.

Conan Show Zero To Air On Web

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Oct 28,2010

On November first, at 11pm eastern (8pm pacific) a week before the first show airs, Conan will be streaming live a test show from:

Full video of the announcement after the jump…


Oct 19,2010


Best Coco Promo Ever Of The Day

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Oct 14,2010

I keep saying they’re all the best. But they all ARE. This one is today’s “the best,” and certainly, it’s the most expensive.

Sep 1,2010

And the name is Conaw. Premiering on TBS Nov. 8. That’s right. Conaw. Watch the video and see if I’m lying.


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