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Sep 15,2010

You are not ready.

September 26, everybody! Season 2 of Eastbound & Down. Kenny Powers goes to Mexico to reboot his baseball career.

Trailer for the new season after the jump…


Aug 4,2010

Kenny Powers For K-Swiss Tubes

Ok. Now, I’m legitimately confused.

When I posted this yesterday, I thought that it was a clever viral marketing effort by HBO on behalf of Eastbound & Down.

Because, I mean… ha, ha… K-Swiss, right? Uncool shoe. Of course a delusional loser like Kenny Powers would sign an endorsement deal with an emphatically uncool shoe like K-Swiss, right? I mean, maybe K-Swiss gave their ok, but they didn’t actually participate. Right? Right?

Well, I’m not so sure. See the video below. It looks like a legitimate commercial. It has real athletes in it. Is Tubes a real product?


Aug 3,2010

Adam McKay might be the biggest contemporary comedy legend who you wouldn’t know by sight.

Consider these credentials:

  • Former head writer for SNL (Will Farrell era)
  • Co-writer of Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers.
  • Co-founder of Funny or Die.
  • Co-producer of Eastbound & Down.

Adam was on Fallon to discuss The Other Guys, which he directed. But he also mentions Pearl the Landlord, and the forgotten genius of Micheal Keaton.

Video after the jump…


Aug 2,2010
Kenny Powers K-Swiss

Kenny Powers K-Swiss

Eastbound & Down drops new episodes on September 26.

In the meantime, it seems that Kenny Powers has lined up some endorsements. With K-Swiss, of course.

See the video after the jump: (more…)

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