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Oct 26,2010

This is an actual political ad for the¬†Illinois¬†Governor race. In the style of “previously on Glee.” Without the singing.

Also featuring a Billy Madison drop. If you’re in Illinois, I think you could do worse than voting for someone who has a campaign that is this hip.


Sep 27,2010

The Simpsons’ season premiere was last night. Haven’t given a contemporary Simpsons episode a try in a while? I’ve got the entire episode after the jump. It’s the Glee episode, remember?

All the way…


Glee Cast On The Simpsons

Sep 21,2010

Glee premieres tonight. Of course, I don’t have any video of the first Glee episode. But I do have video of the Glee cast showing up (they literally show up everywhere these days) on the season premiere of The Simpsons, which is this Sunday.

This once, the video is above. No jump.

Aug 30,2010

The very funny opening sketch from last night’s Emmy Awards finds Jimmy Fallon arriving at the Emmys telecast to find the cast of Glee waiting outside. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough money to attend the awards.

Can Jimmy think up a way to get them enough money to go? Oh yes he can, with a little help from Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, Tim Gunn, Jane Lynch, Hurley from Lost, and many more.

Video after the jump…


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