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Oct 22,2010

Need I say more?

I will anyway: The Larry King Center For Smoother Testicles.


Oct 22,2010

This is so much my favorite thing of the week, that I can’t even stand it.

Last night on the Night of Too Many Stars charity event, Paul Simon tried to help Tracey Morgan and Chris Rock with their rendition of Scarborough Fair, but they were not having it. Then it’s auto-tune to the rescue, followed by Paul Simon attempting to rap Gin And Juice. Have I blown your mind?

Love the Garfunkel wig on Tracey.


Oct 19,2010

Get ready to love this clip. What can I tell you about it?

Well, let me see. First it has Chris Rock in it. And Jon Stewart. And Steve Carell. And it has MOVIE STAR Naomi Watts!

AND it involves Steve Carell simulating and orgasm while holding Naomi Watts’ (and another hot chicks’) hand. While on stage. While Jon Stewart narrates.

And it’s for charity.

BTW, Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education with host Jon Stewart airs live Thursday at 9pm / 8c on Comedy Central. So check it out. For charity.


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