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Jon Stewart’s Beard Be Gone

Aug 11,2010

He was only with us a short time, but after a family intervention, Beardy has moved on to better things.

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Aug 9,2010

Image Credit: NYTimes

After last week’s Will Ferrell-athon, this week is comparatively slow in the world of comedians on talk shows. Letterman is even in reruns all week, and both the Daily Show and Colbert Report are reruns Monday night.

But there are still a few interesting things for you to TIVO.

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Aug 6,2010

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Aug 5,2010

I do too. Jon is pretty upset… and he makes a pretty compelling case here.

BTW, Anthony Weiner continues to be the most fun Congressman in America.

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Aug 4,2010

In the studio to promote The Other Guys, Will Ferrell discusses drinking your liquids slowly, being the United Way of comedy and the dubious talent of Rob Riggle.

The glasses say he parties, but the bracelets say he cares.

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Chelsea Clinton Wedding A Go-Go

Aug 3,2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Porcelain port-a-potties with music piped in?

The Daily Show hits a favorite 24/7 media foible: covering the news when there’s no news to cover. (more…)

Aug 2,2010

Will Farrell on Late Night With David Letterman

This week is Will Ferrell Week across the talk show universe. Ferrell is promoting The Other Guys, a new film that also stars Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne (The Rock?) Johnson. The movie opens this Friday.

Ferrell will be on Letterman tonight (Monday), The Daily Show on Tuesday, Live With Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and Lopez Tonight on Thursday. So you can get your Ferrell fix pretty much every day this week.

Also of note this week: (more…)

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