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Oct 26,2010

This one is near and dear to my heart. Ba Ba Booey himself was on Dave last night. He was funny, though he did screw up his own Ba Ba Booey/Ba Ba Looey story. Figures.

Horse toothed jackass.


Sep 29,2010

Dane is looking buff. But every comic knows there’s a line you don’t want to cross when it comes to building your body. And that’s the Piscopo Line.

I’m not gonna be one of those guys who S***’s on Dane. His comedy might be a bit frat-house-y but I’ve heard him a couple times on Stern and Carolla, and he’s not a bad guy. So, don’t hate the playa. Hate the aggressive comedy.


Sep 3,2010

For those of you who are Stern Show devotees, this is the video clip Howard mentioned on the show Wednesday.

Jim Brewer is interviewing Jimmy Fallon for Sirius radio. This looks to be about a year and a half ago when Fallon’s show started on NBC.

For some reason, they slip into dueling Ozzie Osbourne impressions. Hard to say which is better…

Video after the jump…


Sep 2,2010

The Onion’s AVClub has a bevy of great comedic interviews this month.

First up is national treasure, 9/11 “too soon” legend and Stern Show hero Gilbert Gottfried.

Is he ever tempted to do his act in his real, non-parrot voice?

Gilbert Gottfried: Oh, no. Um, I don’t know. Off-camera, I sound like Perry Como.

Second up, we have Colin Quinn, fresh off the success of his Jerry Seinfeld produced one-man off-Broadway show, Long Story Short.


Aug 9,2010

fabulous phaser

It’s my favorite time of year… yes, that 3-4 times a year when George Takei sits in with the crew all week as the “announcer” of the Howard Stern Show.

Oh my.

You know what to listen to on your way to work this week.

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