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Oct 10,2010

The British guerrilla artist Banksy reportedly story boarded and directed the incredibly dark and actually gutsy opening sequence to tonight’s episode of the Simpsons. Someone is brave on the Simpsons production team.

The full sequence is after the jump…


Sep 27,2010

The Simpsons’ season premiere was last night. Haven’t given a contemporary Simpsons episode a try in a while? I’ve got the entire episode after the jump. It’s the Glee episode, remember?

All the way…


Glee Cast On The Simpsons

Sep 21,2010

Glee premieres tonight. Of course, I don’t have any video of the first Glee episode. But I do have video of the Glee cast showing up (they literally show up everywhere these days) on the season premiere of The Simpsons, which is this Sunday.

This once, the video is above. No jump.

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