These things happen every couple of years. As they say in the Godfather: has to happen, really. Get’s the bad blood out. When this happens, it feels funny to us. Feels exciting. In a way, it’s like our eerie worlds are colliding. Like if Seinfeld went on Blossom. Or if Letterman went on Leno. Or when Khrushchev went to Disneyland.

I don’t know what we expect to happen in these encounters. I guess, deep down, we sort of hope one or the other will “win.” One or the other will stumble; get humiliated; have the mask ripped off; one or the other will break down in tears and cry out, “You’re right! I’ve been so wrong all these years.” Then, if it’s our guy who wins, we can feel completely vindicated.

I think we hope this because this is literally the only time in our whole media-industrial thingamajig when the two sides are actually thrown in the same pit like a cobra and a mongoose. It’s a little scary because it’s more honest than the media usually allows things to be. So it’s fun. We hope their will be blood. We hope for catharsis.

I just enjoy it whenever someone who has the rhetorical skills to match O’Reilly goes a round with him and lands a few punches.

Also: Dennis Miller is still alive?

Both parts of the interview after the jump…

Part 1

Part 2


It’s clear from the above videos, Fox has done some editing. Not sure why they felt the need to edit for the internet clips when, obviously, time is not an issue online. Perhaps they edited out some of Bill-O’s dopier statements?

Below is a different cut of the same interview with some choice parts left in that Fox removed above. (h/t the comic’s comic)


Of course, this editing question is nothing new:

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