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NSFW/iPhone Policy

  1. Is this site safe for work? Probably not. I mean, I’m posting tons of video here. I can’t be sure which videos have curses and which don’t. I also can’t take the time to label each one that might be NSFW. So, take each video at your own risk. If it’s from a network show, say, Letterman, then it’s probably just fine. If it’s from the internet, then maybe not. You have been warned. If you do read the blog from work (thank you) I would consider watching the videos with headphones on at least.
  2. No, this site is not iPad/iPhone friendly. Don’t talk to me. Go to talk to Steve Jobs and ask him why he hates Flash sooooooooooooo much. I imagine that over time, most videos will be HTML5, so they’ll be viewable on you iDevice. But until then, probably only the clips I find on YouTube will be iDevice friendly.

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